maandag, januari 21, 2013

''Why did I wear that?!''

Looking back at my youth, I wore clothes, accessories and shoes
that I liked when I was that age. There were trends, fashion statements
and popular items exacly like nowadays. But when I look back at that
part of my life today, i'm so emberrassed of the things I used to wear!

Also, there are trends that I've never followed in my entire life,
trends that are just too crazy to follow. But in fact: some people 
do. Because of an article on a dutch website called
I got inspired to show you some of those things. 

I hope you enjoy an emberrassing moment of my life
and some of the emberrassing clothing I found.

''Why did I wear that?!''

1. Crocs - Luckely I've never worn them myself, but gosh, these shoes..
2. The fake Isabel Marant sneakerwedges - I do understand why the
normal sneakers from Isabel Marant are so popular, but the fake ones
are just too ugly to be true..
3. The skirt-pants - I never got this..

1. The multi-coloured 'Hippie' shirt - Why oh why? 
2. The earrings with a flower from - You need to wear
one of these earrings in one ear, they mostly consist of a large hoop earring
with a flower and some decoration. I'm guilty of buying one, but I never wore it.
3. Shutter Shades - This was a trend when I was 13 years old, everyone
bought them for their party's. Looking back at it they're just sunglasses with
shutters that are VERY annoying because you can't look at things normally.

1. The Arafat-scarve - This scarve was available in many colours, I had
a red one and was always jealous of the people that had a white one. My
sisters' purple one still hangs in her closet, but why did we were those
things? Did we want to look like a soldier?
2. Scrunchies - Truth? I never understood these things, and because
I had thin hear I have never bought these things.
3. Walkingshoes - I mean, for real? You go to school, you're not
going to climb the Mount Everest!

1. Clear bra straps - One word of advice: you can still see them..
2. Tattoo chokers - Admit it: if you're a 90's kid, you had
one of these. They were available as a necklace, bracelet and as a ring.
But now I look back thinking ''whyyyy''!
3. Evisu pants - Never did I understand this, never will I understand it.

1. White three quarter leggins - A couple of years ago,
everyone had one of these leggings. But actually white is not
flattering in any way and neither are three quarter leggings..
2. Socks in sandals - This speaks for itself
3. Popcorn shirts - These shirts are itchy, really itchy. And above
that they're not pretty in any way..

Maybe some of you recognise some things, have you
ever worn one of these pieces? Or have you got some
clothing/accessories you want to add? 
I can't wait to read your reactions!

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  1. Leuk! De tie dye shirts vind ik nog steeds leuk voor in de zomer :) en fake isabel marant sneakers kunnen heel mooi zijn hoor! In Brazilië heb ik zó veel leuke gezien!

    xoxo xxx