woensdag, januari 30, 2013

Mean Girls Heaven

Since I'm a Mean Girls-freak and seen the movie about a hundred times, this is heaven.

Me and my friends know every line in Mean Girls, we can practically 
talk with the entire movie. Every time I watch this movie, it makes me laugh out loud.
I saw these cases and now I'm crying that I don't have an Iphone.. Maybe
you do and have just fallen in love with these cases, just like me? I can't wait to
trade in my blackberry and get an Iphone so that I can buy a case; unfortunately
that's not gonna happen until September, maybe August. But I saw
they also have these cases for Ipod, so maybe I'm buying it for my Ipod!

Click HERE to buy them.
for Ipod: $15
for Iphone: $35

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Geweldig! Ik heb echt gelachen om deze hoesjes. Misschien toch iets te veel roze, maar dat geeft het idee achter Mean Girls wel goed weer.