vrijdag, januari 18, 2013


This is a photo of Doutzen Kroes at the opening of the first all woman
G-Star Raw store in Amsterdam. She wears a skirt from G-Star made
in coöperation with Vogue, all the proceeds of this clothing line will go to Dance4Life.

Today, before I went to the hairdresser, I stopped by
the G-Star Raw store in Haarlem to go for a shopping-but-i've-got-no-money-tour
and I saw this skirt, loving it immediately. I've always been a
big fan of high-wasted skirts, and for the new season I think
a skirt till the knee is something you need to have in your closet.
Still, you have to be confident and willing to take a risk, because
it's not something you see often.

I tried on 2 skirts, but like I said, I didn't have money so these skirts
were completely out of reach for me. Maybe next month? After a LOT of working? :)

Raw Correct Midnight Clemence skirt

RCT Midnight Clemence skirt

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